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Accueil - Entry requirements & Calendar

Entry requirements & Calendar

Entry requirements & Calendar

Admission requirements and selection of candidates

Eligible candidates for the LLM in European law are:

  • Students holding a JD or any other diploma in legal studies in their country of origin, with a minimum of 240 ECTS credits;
  • Students holding at least a second year of the American Law School (as part of an exchange between their home university and Panthéon-Assas University);
  • Exceptionally, students holding a diploma with 180 ECTS credits, if the course of study and/or professional experience in the country of origin.

English requirements:

The LLM in European Law is taught entirely in English. French language classes are available to the students as an additional class to the program.

The following requirements must be met for candidates who are not English native speakers:

  • TOEFL with a minimum of 100 points if Internet-based
  • IELTS with a minimum score of 7.0/9
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge ESOL)

Selection procedure

The selection procedure is based on an assessment of the application submitted by each candidate, and, should the selection panel choose to do so, an interview with the candidate to determine the final selection. The Director of Studies will make the final decision based on candidates’ ability, their commitment to the subject, their academic skills and their command of English.

Application procedure

Students must download and fill the application form provided PDF iconllm_application_form_2018-2019.pdfas well as ensure all the required documents have been properly submitted alongside the application form. 



The program lasts one full academic year (from September to early May), and includes a Winter break around the Christmas holidays and a spring break around March or April.

Tuition fees

Students must pay a tuition fee of 10,000 Euros, payable in total by 30 June of the Academic year preceding the year of enrolment. In addition, upon enrolment, students will pay administrative fees in the order of 260 Euros and Social Security fees in the order of 200 Euros (unless they are holders of the EU Health card).

Students enrolling in the LLM via an exchange program between their University and the University of Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) must pay the tuition fees at their home University and are not required to make further payment to the University Panthéon-Assas, apart from administrative fees in the order of 260 Euros and Social Security fees in the order of 200 Euros.

Scholarship grants

No scholarship grants are available from the University of Panthéon-Assas or from the European College of Paris. However, other forms of scholarships or grants are accepted for the program.

Location of classes

Classes will be held at the Comparative Law Institute (28 rue Saint Guillaume, Paris 75007).

However, some may be held at the University building (12 place du Panthéon) or in any other building (e.g. 92 rue d'Assas). For more information on location, campus and life in Paris, you can check the section dedicated to this topic on the home page. (OR HYPERLINK)

Program structure

The Master in European Law consists of 12 seminars of 24 h each (288 hours of instruction in total):

  • The Institutional and Decision-making Structure of the European Union
  • History of the European idea
  • Free Movement of Goods, Capital and Services
  • Competition
  • Company Law and Financial Markets
  • Private International Law and Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Labor Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environmental Law
  • External Relations
  • Consumer Law
  • Human Rights

Students may be permitted to replace an LL.M. seminar by another seminar taught in French within another program available at the European College of Paris. However, this may be done only with the agreement of the Director of Studies and the professor who teaches the seminar.

If a student wishes to write a thesis or a personal project on one of the specific seminars listed, they may replace one or several seminars for the project under the supervision of a Professor specific to the subject, with the consent of the Director of Studies. Each seminar is graded on the basis of 20 points. If the personal project replaces two seminars, the basis is 40 points.


Each seminar will be assessed according to the organization of the course by the relevant professors, under the supervision of the Director of Studies.

Each seminar weighs 20 points, and a total of 240 points, equivalent to 60 ECTS credits. The minimum required to pass is 120 points

Honors are granted as follows:

  • between 13 and 15 /20: Fair (Assez bien)
  • between 15 and 17 /20: Good (Bien)
  • between 17 and 20 /20: Very good (Très bien)